Clare’s Diary Day7 / Painting Ryutetsu Wall with Many People(みんなで下塗りを終えました!)



Today we finished the first coat. Yippee. Many people came to help. I spent more time catching drips and cleaning up spillages, but that’s all a part of the painting process and it is nice to give people a platform to join in. Painting with volunteers is good practice in letting go of my painting tunnel vision and focusing more on others. I do find this is like using two different parts of my brain. Usually when I paint I am an unstoppable force. Painting as a team requires me to hold back take a breath and be patient. I feel an energy ball bubbling up inside me however as I see the amount of work I need to do and the reigns being tightened. Less haste, more speed. I need to find a better way of protecting the floor, who knows what multitude of colours will continue to slop out onto the emasculate Japanese tarmac.
I spent all evening the night before adding and adjusting the design still ready to be printed out for people to look at. A few of the sections had not been flipped the correct way and the order of the time line has now got completely muddled with the rearrangement of the seasons. It’s starting to feel like this wall has turned into a tunnel with no light at the end of it. I just want to start painting and see what happens. If I over plan something the possibility for surprise is illuminated and therefore my interest starts to wain. Bring on the adventure I say!

今日は下塗り一層目が終了! やったー! たくさんの人が手伝いに来てくれました。なんだか垂れたりこぼれたりするペンキをキャッチするのに時間を費やしていた気もするけど、それもこれも壁を塗る工程の一つだし、何よりまちの人と何かできるプラットホームを作れたのは良かったと思う。それにボランティアの方々と塗れたことは、視野を広げられるいいチャンスだったと思う。自分のことだけでなく他の人のことを考えることは脳の別のところを活性化してくれる。