Clare’s Diary Week2 ① / Meeting for Design and Process(デザインの詳細や進め方をディスカッションしました!)



Today we had a morning meeting which helped put my mind to rest regarding the design and schedule. Before the meeting we blitzed the corridor to make way for the on coming paint brigade. Floor was swept, piles were moved and space created. I sorted the bags of tools we had purchased from Viva Home. This made my mind clearer and allows space to think and move.
The meeting, we discussed the blog and what was expected of me. “No pressure” kept being said which I found amusing. The design was discussed and I was told about the different people who need to sign off, what flowers are put where and the meaning behind my decisions needs to be made clear.
Lunch was served and the wall had not been touched whoops. We didn’t quite finish the second coat today as the rain started. Just a little bit left to do for tomorrow and hopefully I can start mixing and starting applying colours to the wall.