Clare’s Diary Week 3 ④/ Perfect Sunday for Painting(ペインティング日和な日曜日)



Today was calmer and I focused on mixing paints which was easier as I wasn’t spread so thin tending to different activities and processes. Shelly came and painted the beginning of some tulips. The weather was perfect. It was a wonderful day. Tomorrow no volunteers. Just me and Gaetan neatening and mixing and preparing for the next stage. We will ask buy some nicer brushes for volunteers to paint with.

今日は昨日よりも落ち着いた日。焦らずに色を混ぜられて、みんなの動きやプロセスに集中できました。友達のシェリーも手伝いに来てくれて、チューリップを描き始めてくれ良い感じ。天気も最高! 本当に良い日でした。