Clare’s Diary Week 4 ④/ Energetic Brush Marks (エネルギッシュな筆跡)



Today filled my heart with joy.
It was so nice to be prepared and have enough brushes and tasks for people to do. It was a slow start but come the afternoon many people came, young and old. The taller men did the spring storm looming in, the young boys did the rice paddies growing up into summer, the young girls started the Sakura, I felt this was too gender stereotype even though above where the boys are painting there will be the fish festival but I asked a boy to paint the Sakura as well, boys can like blossom too.
The mums painted a train track pattern, a moon and finished off the mirin pattern. Arisa started the tulip flowers that Shelly had begun last week.

My favourite parts of the wall are becoming the parts the kids have painted, these bits bring unexpected vitality to it that I wouldn’t have been able to do myself. I want to keep this energy in the brush marks and hone it to encompass the full throttle of the community.

A beautiful workshop was provided in the morning of how to make miso balls. The presentation of all the components and the process of making them was so perfect and so sweet. It felt like making little chocolates, but better as these won’t rot your teeth, make you fat and will probably make you healthier.
What a treat!

Tomorrow is raining and I’m getting pretty tired so may rest a little and regroup thoughts for next week.
The first few weeks were stressful for me in the anticipation of the project. Now it is in full swing I am starting to relax and really enjoying getting familiar with the people of Nagareyama.