Clare’s Diary Week 5 ③ / Small Dreams (ささやかな夢)



Not so many volunteers today, lots of people but everyone had come to see the trains. So many activities for children to play on and interact with. A great place for train enthusiasts. Mini steam trains for families to ride and someone had built a train track with many miniature buildings next to them. It must have taken half a lifetime to build all the miniatures. Very inspiring. My dream shop is to own a dolls house shop full of miniature things. So you can say I was somewhat excited by the work exhibited here. I purchased some miniature train sets for my nephew when he gets a bit older.

Gaetan had started the train a few days ago but was nervous about continuing so today I felt it was apt to try and finish it. I felt the pressure as there was so many train experts around. I did my best. It is a train fitting within the style of the wall. Not a specific train as I would not be able to do the model justice.
There will be other trains mentioned within the wall at a later date.

Gaetan attempted to rescue a cat behind the wall. Dreams of him having a kitten companion for the remaining stay got scratched away at first contact realising it was pretty feral.