Clare’s Diary Week 6 ③ / Experimentation and Completion(実験と完成)



Saturday and Sunday were workshop days though, Sunday I was selfish and only organized wall painting for myself (two people did come to paint a small section. The boy was so excited about the prospect of painting on the wall it would have been so sad to turn him away.)

Saturday I got to sit all day which was lovely! I sat in the sun as the frantic workshop went ahead indoors. My set up outside machimin had me painting on old pieces of wood donated by locals. I used the paint mixes I felt I was not going to use again and played with the consistency of the paint. Allowing it to dry on a flat surface meant I could play with washes and blobs unlike on the wall where it would always end in a drip.
I got a bit over excited maybe and started too many experiments so only a few pieces were finished by the end of the day.
Hopefully at some point I can revisit these and make them into something machimin can sell.

The act of experimenting and finishing are very different processes. Experimenting requires an alert, playful and maybe manic mind. Finishing requires a calm, considered and perhaps cautious mind. To be able to master both attitudes at once is a tall foot. Maybe in time, I will be able to harness and understand my energies better. Writing each day is helping me reflect on my working process and I am sure will inform future work and approaches.