Clare’s Diary Week 7 ② / Storytelling for the Future(未来への物語)



Takoyaki (octopus balls)! Tasty little morsels full of joyful surprises. That was lunch today. Last day before the rain hits. I tried to do the bits that I wouldn’t be able to do when raining (i.e. larger areas that doesn’t fit under the shelter). But I got distracted and I may have over done it with the autumn sky. It had been playing on my mind that the colours weren’t the same as the design. Looking back I should have left it but being me I over complicated and gave myself more work to do. O well. Such is life.

The meeting was good. We talked about merchandise, art selling, manga and future projects. People are more likely to buy a manga book than a piece of art or art merchandise it seems, so the manga is the direction we are going.
I like this idea as it involves more people and I like that it gives Aya a project to get her teeth into. Not that she’s probably already crazy busy.

It will be nice to have the story of a weird little artist from Britain coming and splatting paint on a wall. Maybe with some insights about the creative process that might one day inspire someone to make something wonderful and enjoy making a painty mess somewhere. Stories are very important. A good storytelling is a valuable person. Some people make the stories other people tell the stories, the rest learn from the stories. Every culture learns from stories. That’s how the Inuit teach their children not to swim in cold water through stories of the sea monsters steeling their souls. More fairytales are needed for our future children to understand how to navigate modern life.