Clare’s Diary Week 5 ①/ Making the Flow (流れを作る)



Today and yesterday we painted the wall. After two days off and a successful weekend with volunteers I was feeling buoyant about the wall.
Come Tuesday I realised there was still so much to do and the details are the part that take the longest.
I fixed up a few areas which were satisfying to do and adjusted other parts.
I played with the winter design, the bumps in between each panel make it hard to do long sweeping motions which is making the piece look very choppy and scratchy. Much easier to achieve a softening effect with a gun but I’m finding my way around it.
Started finishing the blossom wasn’t happy with how clunky they were becoming. I stopped for lunch and hoped a break would come up with a solution.
After lunch I completed the blue fabric section between autumn dusk and night. I decided to see this part through to finish as I have been flitting about sections leaving many parts unfinished. A little push and extra concentration helps me finish a job before flitting onto the next section. Much better for the tick list.

Gaetan added to the bamboo section with some straight bamboos amongst my bendy ones. This will help it feel juicier. I think maybe 5/6 panels are completely finished. Just a few more to go!