Clare’s Diary Week2 ③/ Finally, My Design Got the Thumbs Up(ついに私のデザインにゴーサインがでた!)



Today was a meeting. Before the council people came, me and Arisa sat and cut out more stamps. Hopefully this will be an ongoing activity that people can dip in and out of as they come and go through machimin. The people in suits came and Junko talked to them outside. We waited patiently. The suits came inside, smiled shook our hands and said they really appreciated the work we were doing at machimin and said they were fully behind whatever we decided to do. This was very kind of them to say and I am glad the design has been approved.
The design process started in March, I came up with a design idea, feedback came back, I alter the design, more feedback, I kept adding and adding, trying to please, I seemed to at some point overstepped the mark and now it has run away and jumped onto another wall. Trying to get the standard appropriate is my new challenge.
Hopefully in the days left to paint we can produce a piece that involves the community, is a fun and beautiful short walk for commuters to enjoy on their way home and manageable to complete within the time frame.
Tomorrow, we begin.