Clare’s Diary Week 4 ①/ Failures Are the Shortcut to Success(失敗の数だけ成功に近づく)



Yesterday me and Gaetan were kindly taken around a bonsai museum and a museum of Tokyo and Edo. This was a visually and information heavy day. It helped place things that were confused in my understanding of time periods and I picked up many pointers as to the fashion and objects used at different times. Hopefully if I get time for details I can involve these elements also. I saw many nice scrolls and patterns I had researched back at home, it was nice that some of my research was mirrored in what I saw at the museum. Still so much to learn and see, I can only do my best.
A man at the bonsai museum said something unexpected when I mentioned my bonsai tree that had sadly died after two years, he said you must fail many times to succeed. I have got very good at failing throughout my life. I revel in each new failure to see what it can teach me. I wonder what I shall be taught during this project.

I spent the morning mixing colours for the skies in autumn and winter. Started at 7 whilst it was still misty, quiet and few people around. Mixed 20 colours ready for the volunteers on Saturday.
At 10 o’clock I begun sketching out the mountains in winter. I knew not to work on these in the afternoon as the sun and the white paint is too overbearing. I like to work in the shade of autumn when the sun is too bright. Mornings, the winter section is shaded. I work on winter in the mornings. Tomorrow however we have a meeting, so no winter for me tomorrow.
I tried out the stamps for the Wisteria today. I think I am satisfied.
Came up with a new and quick way of painting foliage with my old sign writers chisel brush and another thin chisel brush. This is a playful approach and because I was enjoying it flowed quite fast.
The pinstripe brush I have is my new pencil. Good for drawing out very thinly where things can go. Hopefully with the aid of this, some masking and some new brushes volunteers who want to join in can be guided by these.

At lunch a truly heartwarming presentation was made a bit Amazake. You can tell a lot of preparation had gone into this and it was very pleasant. I did not know about “Amazake”(fermented sweet rice drink) or “Koji”(malted rice) before and I feel these are very valuable ingredients. In the West we drink a lot of milk which is not kind to the animals and despite government propaganda is proven to lead to many health problems. I think Amazake and Koji could be a very descent replacement. Also for people conducting a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, it is rich in vitamin B12 and all the other tricky things rarely found outside of meat.
I will be using this hopefully when I leave japan.

After I cleaned my brushes and tidied away the pots for the day, I headed to Matsudo to find some painting trousers for the colder days to come.
I look forward to tomorrow’s meeting and hopefully Gaetan will look into making a storage system so the corridor doesn’t flood like a Care Bears “shining” of multi coloured paint.


ピンストライプ・ブラシという細筆も私の新しい相棒です。モチーフの位置を決める細い線を描くのに最適! マスキング部分の指定や、ボランティアの方がそれに沿って描けるよう、アタリをつけるために活用できそうです。