Clare’s Diary Week3 ②/ We Finished All the Primer(下塗りはすべて終わりました!)



Today was a success in my eyes.
I spent a while last night planning the order of things and timings of paint mixes and applications.
Just before I fell asleep I suddenly realised we had a meeting Thursday morning. This frustrated me and threw my plans out. I spoke to Junko and Arisa and they were very kind and understanding that I wanted to get on and finish painting the undercoat before the rain came.
Junko has organised many volunteers for today and they were very helpful. I had to let go of a perfect finish, this is a piece of the community so I am learning to let it become instead of controlling the process as close as I would normally by myself.
We finished a large area which is pleasing.
The meeting went on as arranged without me. It was decided what we were to do in a workshop on the November 16th to involve the community and promote the Nippon Paint we had been kindly given, Arisa told me the decisions. I am grateful for not being involved in the meeting but instead painting with the volunteers. I’m much better at doing rather than planning.
Ellie has only a few days left before she returns to London so today she painted some beautiful leaves in a wonderful pattern. She was happy in her world whilst the rest of us painted blue and grey.
Junko gave us some delicious crackers and green tea after everything was packed up.
Tomorrow we start the landscape.