Clare’s Diary Week 8 ① / Even the Cold Rain Can’t Stop Me! (冷たい雨にも負けない!)



Rain has been haunting around the last few days. Today was drizzly which didn’t help paint drying time.
Yesterday we had a soft workshop at Sasaya Shouten, teaching us how to sew cushions. It was a gentle lesson that was easy at the start but being me I lost concentration and suddenly it became a lot more complicated.
I spent a few hours planning and organizing my time over the weekend. Noting down all the elements left to do. How long I predict each will take and how many hours I have left.
Up until recently I have been painting 5 hours a day. To get all the elements in I may have to start pulling 8 hour days.
These means getting up when the school kids go to school. If they can do it I can. Just like a normal working day. I will just pretend I am going to work and get into a nice routine. Heat shakers are good to keep the hands warm when painting. New shoes and I’m set for the winter. No stopping me