Clare’s Diary Day4 / Traveling Freely in Rainy Honcho (雨の流山本町を気の赴くままに旅しました!)



After getting distracted on the trains in the morning we make it in to machimin finally.
Hasty to walk around the town before the weather sets in we make a quick hello to Junko, Aya and a nice man doing calligraphy after playing with a paper ball we say our goodbyes and head out to the streets of Nagareyama.

We walk past beautiful gardens, well pruned trees and many sweet knocks and crannies. We walk into the mattress shop where the kind man ushers us to buy some small gifts. I bought my mum and snail and myself a hair type. I also looked through the prints he had stacked up. Many beautiful designs similar to what I had researched whilst in London. I took photos hopefully I can tweak my design to incorporate some of these.
We took an unexpected turn down an alley and found “tronc” a tiny tea room that we were surprised to find very busy. Little shrubs and pots were cutely clustered outside. It was raining so we ducked in to see why so many people were in there.
We ordered a tea and some mirin crystals and butter on bread. It was delicious!
The place was very small and cosy and I can understand why it was a popular place with its antique nod to the past.

Out we went, it had stopped raining. We walked towards the river but the rain started again so we ducked away and dashed for the kaleidoscope museum. What an enchanting place. A Victorian wonderland. Sparkles and crystals dazzled and chimed. We were scared to touch such items of beauty but the helpful shop assistants guided us how to twist and light each magic stick to the best effect.
We spent a long time in here as I expect anyone with a love for colour and shape would.

We exited under our umbrella borrowed from machimin.
A shop with trinkets close by machimin lured us in. We needed tea cups and a strainer for our morning tea, this place could aid this we thought. Inside there was a palpable atmosphere. A fine layer of dust coated everything. Many cups and trinkets piled up on four different isles.
A small voice called out “Kon-nichiwa”
Two of the sweetest small, back bent old dears tottered to desk at the back of the shop. Once we were satisfied with our cup choice we talked to the two. They were 93 and 98 years old. I must include these beauties within the mural. They must have seen a lot of change in this town throughout their lives.

We tottered back to machimin after getting a snack from a strange convenient store that didn’t look like many people are often convenience by it.
Home time and back to hard ware store to get items for the weekends typhoon lock down and time to settle through the photos and information gained from the first week in japan.


予想外の角を曲がり、裏道に出ると「トロン」と言う小さな喫茶店を発見。思いのほか店内は賑わっていて、植木鉢が置かれた入り口を入り、人気の秘密を見ることに。お茶、クリスタルの様なみりんのお菓子、バタートーストを注文。どれも絶品! 店内は小さいけれど暖かく、懐かしい雰囲気に、人気にも頷けました。