Clare’s Diary Day6 / We Cooked for machimin(みんなに料理を振る舞いました!)



Today it was drizzly.
We stayed inside machimin.
We had bought lots of Japanese vegetables inspired by our first week and the food machimin had cooked for us we wanted to give back so we decided to cook for whoever would be there that day.
Gaetan chopped and prepared the cooking area whilst I flapped about putting things in pots and mixing stuff.
Gaetan is very good at cutting things and displaying things very tiredly. I am not very good at that. Whilst he calmly continued I got mildly hot and bothered at the stove. Lunch was served and I think a success.

In the afternoon I sat still and continued with the design adding children, the harvest festival and plants to the autumn section.
An order of the seasons was decided upon and I have work to rearrange them so they flow nicely.
Still a few more days to work on the design but I expect to continue adding and adjusting throughout the painting process. Particularly the winter section which will be the last to paint. I will wait ‘till it is winter to paint and use photos I have taken to inform it.
I must work fast!

…We also learnt how to calculate with the old calculator thing. Gaetan was quick at picking it up. I took a little longer.

あと、そろばんなるものにも挑戦。ガエタンは習得するの、めちゃ早! 私は…。ちょっと時間がかかったかな。