Clare’s Diary Week 9 ③ / Mirin Sweets and Special Presents (みりん練り切りと特別な贈り物)



The work is not yet done. Still have top coats to seal the work and final clearing up to do.

A meal was prepared by emi of Mexican tacos with fresh salsa, tortillas and chilli. Leftovers curry was also available to wrap into tasty morsels.

Ms.Takeda came to show us how to make the delicious sweets that accompany matcha tea. A perfect combination to marry with the bitter tea and the sweet mirin confectionary. So beautifully crafted with tiny needles on the end of chopsticks. Subtle colouring and smooth texture as it dissolves in your mouth.

Emi gifted me and Gaetan some tiny chopstick holders in the shape of fish waffles. So cute. I look forward to using these in our next abode wherever we end up after our travels.
Junko also gifted me her very own jacket. Gaetan had spotted it a few evenings ago. It’s a jazzy little number full of crazy colours and patterns. Just up my street. I was over the moon when she presented this to me. I am wearing it as I type. Happy in many colours 🙂
Thank you Junko.

After lunch we didn’t work much more as the winter season is making the air higher in moisture content which is not ideal for the top coat application. Instead we went to Viva Home for the 1millionth time to pick up some clear plastic for the shutters we will be constructing for machimin tomorrow. I ogled at the garden supplies this time. I can’t wait to have my own garden.

Tomorrow we build instead of paint. Gaetan will be pleased.



おやつには、武田さんが「みりん練り切り」作りを実演してくれて、抹茶もたててくれました。抹茶の苦味とみりんスイーツの甘みが完璧なマリアージュ! 細い道具やお箸のさきを使い、美しく練り切りを仕上げる姿に息を呑みました。絶妙な色合いと滑らかな口溶けに感動!

エミさんにはたい焼きの形をした可愛らしい箸入れをいただき、旅の後も使うのが楽しみ! 純子さんにはご自身のジャケットまでいただいてしまいました。何日か前、ガエタンがそのジャケットを見て、「クレアが好きそうなデザインだね」と言われて、「そうそう!カラフルな感じとか私好み!」と話していたからプレゼントされて天にも登る気分でした! カラフルな洋服を着るととてもハッピーになる🙂純子さん、ありがとう!