Clare’s Diary Week 7 ① / Tuning the Energy(エネルギーのチューニング)



Last night I listened to a meditation track about resilience. It’s getting to the stage in the project where my energy levels are low. The initial burst of energy to get paint onto wall and fast big movements involving many people and many colours is over.
The next few weeks are now a different approach. The energy needed is more cerebral, softer and discerning.

Pacing myself has always been tricky, but blind confidence has helped me reach further lengths than a rational thinker would. When a project or challenge is so new to me, faith is so much more important than over thinking.
When I dip my toe into the black pool of fearful overthinking doubts, it’s like an electric shock jolts me to look up and not dare put any more of my foot into that wretched hole. I guess taking on projects out of my comfort zone is my way of distracting myself from the forever black pool of fear. Give yourself enough stimulus to distract yourself with and you don’t have to worry about what is lurking in the bottom of the creative barrel.

Wow I think I may be tired!! Best stop writing now and doing that over thinking thing.

Anyway, painted some pretty buildings and kaleidoscope bits. I’ve worked out there about 30 elements that I need to paint over the next 12 days. So an average of 3 things need ticking off each day. I managed my 3 today. Let’s see how it continues! The rain forecast doesn’t look helpful but at least I can finally give Gaetan’s shelter a go.



あれ? 私めっちゃ疲れてるかも。考えすぎてるから書くのももうやめよう。