Clare Diary Day2 / Tour Around Nagareyama Honcho!(流山本町のツアーにいきました!)



Today, an artist colleague and a friend, Ellie joined us for a tour, we even had 2 translators.
In the morning we were shown the museum and told about the sea levels, this part of japan used to be under water 6000 years ago. We were told of the age of Edo when an important shogun ruled over these parts and there was peace for 206 years.
There were also many highly educated people here and the top of the hill was where a palace once reigned. Education was very important at this time and continued to be pushed to competitive levels when the borders were opened up to foreign countries.
In the museum, we learnt about traditions, community activity and the businesses that prospered in Nagareyama’s past.
Lunch was served, delicious again, a form of sushi rolls with pickles and miso soup with gluten rings inside. Super tasty.
Once again we were joined by many mums and their wriggly bundles of joy.
After lunch we went on a tour to the Edo river which was teaming with wildlife, giant crickets, dragonflies and beetles all buzzing around pompous grass.
We walked past many well pruned gardens and established shrines, even climbed a miniature Mount Fuji.
Outside the Kikkoman factory there were many plaques about the history and importance of the two families who had founded and continued the production of mirin.
We saw the lanterns with handcrafted paper scenes inside that light up the streets at night,
The day had to be cut short as the sun was beaming down very hot and we needed a rest from a potential information overload.

A very good day, great fun looking round the corners of Nagareyama, what a treat this place is.