Clare’s Diary Week 9 ① / Hand Roll Sushi Party!(手巻き寿司パーティ!)



We had party celebration hand rolls for lunch today. Apparently we only have this on special days like birthdays. I am going to have to do this when I get home. It’s like tacos but with seaweed instead of corn shells and fish instead of chilly filling.
Very satisfying. Especially the fish roe. Lip smacking

After lunch the girls at machimin realised I was tired and ….gave me a massage loosening up my hips that have become very tight as I have been standing in a silly way balancing on an old paint tin.
She was very good, healing hands.
A lady dropped by and gave me sweets. I was also given a heat pad and a bowl by other passerby. People are being very generous and considerate with their gifting over the weeks. I got given a kimono yesterday which is a sweet pink colour. Between me and gaetan we have been gifted 4 hats. Our heads are certainly protected now.

Today was very sunny but my energy levels did not match up with the weather. I painted rabbits, clouds, mist, vines and more potteryesque townscapes for winter. Two more days I will spend fixing areas and neatening corners.
So so tired today.

今日のランチは豪華な手巻き寿司パーティ! 日本ではお誕生日とか、特別な日に食べるのだそう。これはロンドンに帰っても絶対やりたい。感覚的にはタコスと似てると思う。トウモロコシの皮じゃなくて海苔だし、チリミートじゃなくて魚だけどね。
超満足! いくらは特に最高だった。口が幸せすぎた

その他にも、道行く人がおやつやカイロをくださったり、可愛らしい着物をプレゼントしてくださったり、みなさん本当に優しい! 作業中、ガエタンと二人合わせて合計4つも帽子をいただき、おかげで頭は完全に守られています。